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Mar 25 2012

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Understandable to Students of any Language Background

Luigi Magnano and I have been working together for the last nine months to produce a comprehensive set of exercises for beginner English language learners (free sign-up required.).

Several months’ work produced initial results which we felt were good, so I was a little deflated when Luigi told me he felt we needed to make a thorough revision of the first exercises. Luigi has a particular vision, and is striving for excellence. When he explained the changes he wanted I had to agree they would improve the exercises.
So far we have revised the first set, which introduces the colours.

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I was delighted to receive these comments about the exercises from Luigi today: ……not only attractive because of the animation involved but more importantly they are educationally sound, simple, self explanatory , free of grammatical instructions and understandable to students of any language background who wish to learn a new language, in this case English.

Take a look at at the first set Activities With Colours (1) (free signup required to access the exercises) and see if you agree!

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Dec 19 2011

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English Language for Beginners

In this and subsequent exercises in this Silent Way series we will be introducing commonly used English words. Based around the word “take”, the latest set of exercises to be added to Strivney also introduces “the”,”a” and “another”. The set builds upon vocabulary introduced in the previous Silent Way exercises, which should be tackled first.

See below one of the animations used to demonstrate the word “take”. It is accompanied by audio in the actual exercise.

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Strivney users can view these exercises here: English Language for Beginners

Register free with Strivney here to access these and over 1,000 other online interactive English Exercises.

As always your feedback is welcome.

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Oct 31 2011

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Silent Way Based Exercises – Numbers

Continuing with the development of interactive exercises based on the Silent Way method, we have added a new set which teaches the numbers.

You can see a small sample of these exercises for English Language Learners here. To access the full set, and over 1,000 other interactive ESL exercises you will need to register, free, with Strivney.
We are now working on a set which teaches the clock and time telling skills.
Your feedback is always welcome. מצאנו את החברה הזאת – פוטומוביל מציע מגנטים מוגשים ברכב חיפושית משנות השבעים.  מדהים!

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Nov 28 2010

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Vocabulary – Body Parts

A new set of vocabulary exercises which teach the names of the body parts has been added to Strivney

The set comprises of 10 exercises which include:

  • Pair game
  • Make a Face Game
  • Who am I Exercises
  • Word and Picture Matching Exercises and more

You can see an example here: Vocabulary Body Parts.

Register free with Strivney to access the full set of exercises.

I hope your young English language learners enjoy these exercises and welcome feedback and suggestions.

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Nov 24 2010

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Making Faces

Wow!  Did I get myself into a muddle this time!

I am making a new set of interactive exercises, for teaching the names of body parts, to add to Strivney.  I thought it would be fun to create an exercise in which the student chooses different elements – skin colour, eye and hair colour etc. – to make a face.  Quandary, an application for creating interactive action mazes,  is perfect for creating such an exercise, although it has quite a steep learning curve.

I started to create the graphics for the different permutations: dark skin, blue eyes, black hair etc.  At first I had four different skin tones, four different eye colours and so on.  Two hours into creating graphics and adding a separate page for each permutation to the Quandary programme, I am beginning to realise this is a crazy venture.  I couldn’t see an end to the number of graphics I was going to have to make. 

I sat down with my notebook and worked out that I would need 128 separate graphics to do what I planned.  And this for an exercise which will take the student a couple of minues to complete!  Even if I am hoping that the exercise will, over time, be used by hundreds or even thousands of students, it still wasn’t a practical proposition. 

I decided to cut down the number of choices:  skin tone dark or light, only 3 eye colours.  This brought down the number of graphics I needed to create to about 60.  Still crazy, but as I was half way into it now I didn’t want to abandon the idea. 

Happily, I have completed the exercise.  Take a look: Vocabulary – Body Parts.  I’m quite pleased with it, although of course it doesn’t in any way reflect the amount of work that went into it.

I would like to make some more action mazes for teaching vocabulary to ESL young learners, to add to the free ESL teaching resources on the Strivney site,  but I will far more cautious with the initial planning in future!

The complete body parts set will be ready in a few days and I will post the details.

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Nov 13 2010

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Past Progressive Tense Exercises Revised

It seems that the past progressive tense exercises on the Strivney site were too challenging for some of our students.  We have revised them and added easier exercises at the beginning of the set.  See an example of a past progressive tense exercise here.

Register free with Strivney to access the full set of exercises.

 Thanks to those of you who gave us your valuable feedback.  Please let us know how you get on with the revised exercises.

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Nov 07 2010

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ESL Listening Activities

The new video-based listening exercises are finally ready.
View an example here:  ESL Listening Activities.

These free exercises are for beginner to intermediate English language learners and aim to build vocabulary and improve listening, comprehension and spelling skills.  Each video has four exercises which gradually increase in difficulty.
To access the full set of exercises you will need to register free with Strivney.

Please do let me know how your students get on with these exercises and whether you would like to see more activities of this kind on the Strivney website.

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